I play volleyball at USI and need to be able to perform at my very best every day. I had been dealing with achy low back pain for almost eight months before I was referred to Dr. Pond. The pain made it more annoying to do exercises and practices, but I pushed through it. Dr. Pond found what was causing my pain and started treating it. Now I have almost no pain in my back, I can move a lot better than before. I can tell my back is stronger and I have been able to do all of my exercises and practice drills without making my back hurt. I feel confident that I can play hard without having to worry about the pain holding me back.

-Amy Z.

After washing my hands one morning, my hands turned bright red and began burning and itching. I hadn’t changed my soap or done anything different from my normal routine. I tried some lotion which helped some, but over the next week and a half the same thing happened any time I touched something cold, and the reaction got more severe. My hands would react from touching a door knob, washing my hands in cold water, grabbing something from the refrigerator or freezer, or being in cold weather. I couldn’t even carry a gallon of milk through the grocery store without my hands getting irritated. It got to the point that my hands would swell to where I couldn’t even bend my fingers completely. I went to my family doctor but she couldn’t find anything wrong. I couldn’t stand it anymore and finally called Dr. Pond to see if there was anything he could do for me. He found that my problem was in the top of my neck. He adjusted my neck and two days later, all of my symptoms were completely gone! I couldn’t believe it! I just wish I would have come in to see him sooner.

-Hannah H.

I hurt my shoulder in a bicycle accident a couple of months ago. I landed on the ground with my arm fully extended but didn’t break any bones. After about 4 weeks, all of my road rash had healed but my shoulder/collarbone still hurt. I heard Dr. Pond speak at a networking event about all of the injuries chiropractors can treat – not just backs and necks.

I asked him after the event if he could take a look at my shoulder. He did a quick evaluation and thought it could be a rotator cuff problem. We set up an appointment for me to come in later that week for a full evaluation.

I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Pond met me at the front desk as soon as I got to his office and gave me a quick tour of his office. He put me at ease right away and answered all of my questions. We did a full evaluation of my shoulder and discussed different treatment options. We agreed on a treatment regimen that worked for my needs and we put it in place the very next day.

Within one week, I was already feeling better. After 6 weeks of treatments, I am almost 100% healed! I have been very pleased with Dr. Pond and his entire staff. They are friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I would recommend anyone to go see Dr. Pond if they have any injury or condition that they worked on. He is the best!

– Jacob B.

My story is like a lot of older men (late fifties). I’ve been active all my life. If there was a ball involved and some competition, I was in, always. I also walked five miles three times a week and rode my bike as often as I could. In 2009 I suffered a significant knee injury after falling on the ice. After two medical surgeries and a consultation with one of the most highly respected knee surgeons in central Indiana, I was told that medically there was nothing else that could be done for me to correct the injury and that I would have to learn to live with the 20-30% use of my knee. My whole world disappeared. All the activities I had always loved and enjoyed were gone. Ambulating stairs was a huge challenge and I suffered significant discomfort constantly. Dr. Pond helped me understand that the atrophy and pain was primarily from the massive amount of scar tissue that had built up around the knee as a result of the two surgeries. As a result of his chiropractic care, I’ve recovered about 90% of function and am once again involved in the activities that I love so much. I pretty much feel like my life was given back to me. If you suffer from similar issues, I strongly suggest you give Dr. Pond a try. You might get your life back too!

– Jim P.

I went to Dr. Pond hoping that I would receive some relief in my hamstrings. I injured my hamstrings four years ago playing flag football. I had several micro tears through both of them. It caused the back of my legs to turn black from the middle of my calves to the middle of my hamstrings. I lost an immense amount of range of motion and flexibility. Not only where they tight, but I constantly had several cramps in my hamstrings. The pain was excruciating each time. I met with Dr. Pond once and he used several different techniques through rubbing and massaging my hamstrings. He performed, what he called, a scrapping method on my hamstrings, trying to heal the scaring tissue. This felt uncomfortable; however, it made a big difference. After the first consultation with Dr. Pond I felt a great deal of relief. I regained flexibility and movement back in my legs. I met with him two more times, and my hamstrings feel better than ever. The cramping has disappeared and I can now get some sleep without waking up due to a cramp. I would highly recommend a consult with Dr. Pond for any reasons you are feeling discomfort. His professionalism and knowledge were reassuring in my attempts to find someone I can trust and come back to in the future.

– Shawn H.

NMS was a great experience all around. Very professional, knowledgeable, and worked with my busy schedule to see me on short notice.

– David R.