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We are located near North Park and offer quality chiropractic health care for Evansville, IN and the surrounding area. This location and our convenient hours were established to make high quality chiropractic health care available to more people.

At NMS Chiropractic, our motto is “It’s all connected!” because that is exactly how our bodies work. We aren’t a mess of independent systems jumbled together, but an amazing network of intricate parts with specific functions working together as a whole. Each piece communicates with and influences the other pieces to form a complex network.

Dr. Jordan Pond understands this complex network. He uses thorough examinations to understand your current health situation and specific techniques to address the whole body.

At NMS Chiropractic Clinic, we work as a team, and that includes you. Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals. Remember, it’s all connected, so GET CONNECTED today to discover more about how we can help you. Or, if you have already connected with us, STAY CONNECTED with additional information, health tips and news with Dr. Pond’s blog. You can also follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook to stay connected on health information and news about the clinic.

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